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Flying with kids – what to take with you and what not?

Assuming your kid was checked for not having an ear infection, which could be a problem on flight due to differential pressure, and assuming you have packed your first aid kit carrying the basic medication to treat diarrhea, fever and ear pains, you’re ready for the next step. Regarding flying abroad with kids – what should you take and what not? The suggestions are off-course relevant to long haul flights with kids, yet you would find some of them also useful for short haul domestic flights.

Tips on what to take with you on your flight –

In most cases you would not be able to board the plane with a baby stroller, as you would probably be allowed to use it up to the plane entrance. When flying abroad you can utilize a cradle you rent from the airline (find out in advance for its weight capacity) or your own baby carrier. Don’t forget the baby’s pacifier, which will be useful for the baby to overcome the ear pressure during the take-off and landing. Alternatively, a piece of gum or candy could do the same for kids aged four years or more.

Nonetheless, equip yourselves with your kids’ favorite foods and snacks, since this would not be the time for them to experience new tastes, and furthermore, low cost flights usually do not offer food at all. Prepare in advance with beverages to sooth the extra thirst, which is common to inflight dryness. Additional equipment could certainly include a personal bag containing small and silent entertainments; crayons, stickers and any other of the like to help your kid to spend the inflight leisure time. Another idea, if applicable, is to create a unique file on your laptop, which is designated for “air time”, but don’t forget the earbuds. Last tip of what to take with you on the plane, is a set of disposable cutlery and a kids travel neck pillow.

Tips on what not to take with you on your flight –

Do not take noisy toys, games requiring more room space, or games that you know that can drive you (and other passengers) nuts. This tip is definitely valid also for short haul domestic flights, as we all know, every minute you hear an annoying sound from such a toy, feels like forever. It is commonly known that boarding a flight with sharp tools, various sprays, liquid soaps and creams as well as liquid food (i.e. yogurt, soup and grinded fruits) are strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, do your best to avoid bringing any “smelly” food – this is not the best time for a tuna fish sandwich. Most likely, one of the best tips (when flying long haul with kids) is to take a backpack rather than a trolley, since you must have your hands free during the entire travel time and especially at the airports.